“Let us not be governed today by what we did yesterday, nor tomorrow by what we do today, for day by day we must show progress” – Dr. A.T. Still

Sean & Sue Goodwill have operated two highly successful clinics throughout southern Ontario while assisting practitioners achieve their clinical goals to help patients, address the challenges of clinical practice and find balance between work, health and family life. Through this, and Sean’s dedication to Osteopathic education, serving two terms as president of OSTCAN, and achieving a diverse post-graduate education in counselling, leadership and management; Osteopathically Speaking provides a platform for professionals through consultation services, webinars and hands-on assistance.

One-on-one online / phone consultation:

This service is available to graduate practitioners seeking professional and confidential consulting to assist with their personal practice and professional development. In-person sessions are available upon request. Kindly email us directly at goodwillosteopath@gmail.com to set up an introductory meeting prior to booking online through the website to ensure we may be of assistance.

      • Practice management assistance and personal assistance
      • Therapeutic approaches and considerations on challenging cases
      • Interpersonal challenges, and solutions to running a successful clinic
      • Review and discuss topics surrounding anatomy, mechanics, and treatment approach.
      • General coaching, leadership, professional development and practitioner advocacy
      • Referrals to legal assistance, investments, insurance, bookkeeping, accounting and continuing education programs.
        Rate: $125 / hr. (HST Incl.)

Manual skills development:

The manual skills development program allows therapists to further develop and polish their therapeutic approach in a highly focused, confidential and professional setting. 

This program is limited to graduate practitioners who are in good standing with their respective association and hold professional liability insurance.  Osteopathy Canada (OSTCAN) has approved this program under “Group 1 – osteopathic education” for 1 CEU credit / hr. Practitioners who specialize in other forms of therapy may or may not be able to claim these hours for continuing education credits, therefore they should contact their college to inquire beforehand. 

Classes require a minimum of two graduate practitioners per class to operate efficiently; however, a team of three is sometimes optimal. To schedule a private class, please call, text or email Sean at goodwillosteopath@gmail.com for availability and booking details.

3-hour seminar per attendee: $340.00 (HST Incl.)

  • This seminar includes an initial 30-minute goal-setting introduction, two hours of hands-on table work, and a 30-minute debrief (Q & A period).
  • Small group classes begin at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday mornings with an open discussion to establish goals and objectives. Once our objectives for the day are set, table work will be at 9:00 am and finish at 11:00 am. There is a 30-minute debrief (Q & A period) following table work.
  • The program is intended to allow the therapist to further develop their approach in clinical care by applying classic/foundational concepts of osteopathic principles and practice while also introducing techniques and approaches which may not be commonly understood.
  • During the opening period of the class, we will establish goal-setting parameters where the participants discuss the areas of Osteopathy or other manual therapeutic skills they wish to address. Common topics include:
  • A review of classical osteopathic concepts of lesionology, refining one’s approach to adjustment, therapeutic approaches to common ailments, spinal mechanics, practitioner self care, coordination of soft and bony tissues, assessment skills and other approaches to care.
  • This class provides 3 CEUs per attendee.
  • Please call, text or email Sean at goodwillosteopath@gmail.com for availability and booking details.

Osteopathy Canada (OSTCAN) has approved this program under “Group 1 osteopathic education” for 1 CEU credit / Hr. attendance. For more information, please visit our website at www.goodwillhealing.com

Half-day seminar per attendee: $600.00 (HST Incl.)

  • This half-day (6-hour) seminar is designed to integrate both hands-on work and professional consulting services.
  • This class is intended for therapists who wish to invest in further developing their approach to treatment, using classic/foundational concepts of osteopathic principles and practice, and specific technique approaches. Additionally we will also discuss business operations, practice management and conflict resolution in the workplace.
  • Table work topics may include.
    • Reviewing classical osteopathic concepts, lesionology, refining one’s approach to adjustment and learning new skills, treatment of common ailments, spinal mechanics and application, practitioner self-care, coordination of soft and bony tissues, assessment skills, pathology through an osteopathic lens and other approaches to clinical care.
  • Consulting topics commonly addressed include.
    • Establishing an effective and efficient patient intake protocol,  business management, developing a fulfilling practice, challenging cases, red flags in clinical care, leadership skills, personal/professional growth, ethics, practitioner self-care, work / life balance, the psychology of pain management, health, boundaries and therapy.
  • Classes of 2-3 practitioners operate on Saturday mornings from 8:30 am – 2:30 pm.which includes a short lunch break at 11:30
  • This class provides 6 CEUs for attendance
  • Please call, text or email Sean at goodwillosteopath@gmail.com for availability and booking details.

For more information, please visit our website at www.goodwillhealing.com. Recording or redistribution of information is not permitted.


Large and small discussions/lectures with guest speakers (TBA when available)

      • Osteopathic principles and practice
      • Sole proprietorship vs corporate designs
      • Small business start-ups, running a clinical practice and advertising
      • Historical Considerations in Osteopathy, healthcare and natural medicine
      • Professional Ethics, Standards of Practice and the Legalities of clinical life
      • Tax management, investing and insurance coverage (life/critical care)
      • Work/life balance, nutrition, wellness and practitioner self-care.
      • Rate: $113(HST Incl.) per attend