Marsha Branco


Osteopathic Manual Practitioner


Marsha is a classically trained Osteopathic practitioner and has graduated from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy (CAO). She is a member in good standing with the Ontario Osteopathic Association (OOA).

Prior to her education at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, she graduated from the University of Western Ontario with an Honour’s degree in Sociology, followed by a Master’s Degree in Social Demographics, specializing in the migratory and employment patterns of immigrant women into Canada. Not wanting to move to Ottawa and commit her life to research, she then obtained a Diploma in Education with the intention of becoming a high school teacher. During her education in Teacher’s College, she suffered with chronic appendicitis.

After repeatedly being told that her appendix was not large enough to remove and to manage her symptoms with pain medication each time during flare ups, she began searching for alternative forms of care. During this search for natural alternatives, she began to turn to the power of plants and herbs and from here delved into making her own herbal teas and tinctures followed soon after by making her own herbal-based skincare. At this point, Marsha was intent on pursuing a career as an herbalist or a naturopathic doctor. Marsha’s chronic appendicitis had improved, though, not disappeared.

One fateful day, her sister suggested looking into an Osteopathic Practitioner. That is precisely what Marsha did. After a mere 4 treatments her flare ups were practically non-existent and she was awe- struck. Marsha looked around the room to look for the practitioner’s credentials and where she was educated and saw a piece of paper on an obscure bookshelf that said Canadian Academy of Osteopathy.

Following this, she promptly went home and looked it up on the internet and decided upon this as her life path. Marsha is continually engaged in furthering her education and uses a wide variety of techniques during treatment. Marsha is attentive to her patients and their progression while in her care. In her spare time, Marsha enjoys swimming and is still passionate about natural health care and herbs.


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Initial Consultation and first Treatment: $145 (HST incl.)

Subsequent Treatment: $90 (HST incl.)