Jorge Cota


Osteopathic Manual Practitioner


Jorge Cota is a classically trained osteopathic manual practitioner who graduated from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy (CAO) and is a member in good standing with the Ontario Osteopathic Association.

Prior to his education in osteopathy, Jorge graduated in 2007 with honours from the occupational/physiotherapy assistant program at Conestoga College. Following the completion of this program, he received a soccer scholarship to Ottawa University in Ottawa, Kansas, USA. Jorge graduated with an honours degree in exercise science and a minor in strength and conditioning.

For five years, Jorge worked as a kinesiologist in a variety of health care environments, including: long term care, hospitals, physiotherapy clinics, nursing and retirement homes, as well as specialized sports-based clinics. This experience and expertise in kinesiology has proven to be invaluable in his understanding of injuries, illnesses and the human condition.

Jorge recognizes the importance of furthering his education and broadening his skills, in order to become a better practitioner and be of greater assistance to his clients. During his education at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, Jorge worked as an apprentice at Goodwill Healing. His knowledge and practice focused on the pure art and science of osteopathy, as it was originally taught by Dr. A.T. Still, the founder of osteopathic medicine. At the CAO, the primary areas of education are: the principles of osteopathic theory, mechanical application of adjustment, teaching clinic and physiological expressions of the body. An intelligent and focused approach to treatment is encouraged, which is tailored to each individual’s specific needs.

Jorge’s training incorporates the principles of application for various techniques, such as: myofascial release, strain/counterstrain, ligamentous articular release, Chapman’s point reflexes, osteoarticular adjustment, as well as long and short lever approach.

In addition to his clinical skills, Jorge’s passion for helping those in need is supported by his focus, determination and positive attitude. When not working or studying, Jorge stays active by playing soccer and enjoys spending quality time with his wife, daughter, and his friends.


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Initial Consultation and first Treatment: $145 (HST incl.)

Subsequent Treatment: $90 (HST incl.)