Scott Rutherford

BA, Kin. MOMSc

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner


Scott is a classically trained Osteopathic Manual Practitioner from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy.

Scott graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology from Western University in 2015 with honors. During his time spent at Western he developed a strong interest in human anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, mental health, and strength and conditioning. Prior to attending the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, he also provided coaching, personal training, and one on one support to individuals diagnosed with mental illness through WOTCH community Mental Health Services. Training and treating a range of clients and patients has helped him develop compassion, sensitivity, patience, and respect for others.

His love of understanding the human condition and the body’s ability to self heal and self regulate given the right opportunity, keeps Scott grounded in the art and science of osteopathic philosophy. He is looking to provide his hometown of London, Ontario and surrounding communities with safe, effective care.

He continually strives for self-improvement by attending seminars, symposiums, reviewing anatomy, physiology, psychological influences, and drawing inspiration from the early writings of osteopathic founder, Dr. Andrew Taylor Still. Aside from his studies and work life, Scott has a love for the outdoors, fishing, and hockey.


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Initial Consultation and first Treatment: $145 (HST incl.)

Subsequent Treatment: $90 (HST incl.)