Dissolve limitations and create more possibilities through holistic healing.

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Dissolve limitations and create more possibilities through holistic healing.

To book an appointment please click the link!

Catherine provides a variety of holistic treatments involving energy system modalities, coaching, and gentle hands-on therapies, including Reiki (on and off the body), Access Bars (gentle touch to release and activate energetic points on the head), energy medicine body processes (for emotional and/or physical relief), and other holistic approaches as required.

These treatments help: dissolve limitations and create space for more possibilities; let go of anxiety and enhance relaxation; decrease daily stress and reduce pain; and promote a healthy energetic flow between mind, body and spirit to improve overall well-being. Sessions involve comfortably sitting or laying down while receiving the healing energy. They may include talking if coaching is desired, or may be given in total silence if preferred.

Catherine honours the innate wisdom of your body and soul, as she facilitates your ‘whole being’ into a space of ease, lightness and expansion. Vibrancy, clarity, and inner coherence are experienced as a result of this connection.

In a safe and nurturing space, Catherine offers a variety of courses and workshops related to energy modalities and holistic healing. To learn more about these courses, please contact her directly at steelecatherine33@gmail.com.

Reiki Energy

Ongoing classes are provided from 1st Degree to Master Teacher level. Through activation attunements, students are connected with this gentle loving energy and empowered to give in-person and distance healing treatments to self, others and pets. Courses provide plenty of time for in-depth discussion and extensive practice as each student gives and receives full treatments to ensure deeper integration and confidence. Although Catherine generally facilitates in-person, she is certified to teach all levels of Reiki virtually, which provides a different option for some students.

Holistic Healing Modalities

Additional approaches within the fields of energy medicine and hands-on therapies are taught in response to student interest and requests.

Individual sessions are 60-90 minutes in length, depending on the preferred type of service and modality. In an initial 20 minute exploratory call, Catherine will happily provide you with more detailed descriptions and assist in determining the service that would be most beneficial at this time.

Integrated Energy Sessions
$125 per 60-90 minute individual session

Course and Workshops
Prices vary depending on focus and length