The mind, body and spirit is an essential trinity, where all parts must be considered and valued equally.

Sean has been dedicated to assisting individuals and their families for over 24 years through natural healthcare therapeutics and client advocacy. He views counselling through an osteopathic lens, where all aspects of the individual must be considered to fully assess the situation and provide safe, effective and efficient assistance. An initial discovery call has been designed so we may have a short conversation over the phone to ensure that I am the right fit for you and your journey toward a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Although life may seem unbearably challenging at times, it is evident that men and women who wish to make changes in their lives are always stronger than they initially believe and that once their intentions become clear, the mechanism that facilitates the healing process always appears. Through talk therapy in the form of Counselling, consultations and pastoral care, people gain new insights into how they may better their lives, restore relationships and move forward into a healthy life filled with potential and new opportunities.   

As a counsellor, Sean specializes in helping people of all ages find relief through a blended approach to counselling rather than being rigidly attached to a specific technique or paradigm. Throughout this process, we will work as a team to examine one’s mental, emotional and physical well-being while encouraging growth and finding optimal health. Common situations which Sean has assisted people in working through are:

  • Overcoming life-limiting thought processes and self-sabotage mechanisms
  • Life skills development and finding balance in one’s work and home life
  • Pastoral care, spiritual wellness and balancing the mind, body and spirit
  • Leadership skills and interpersonal development for personal and business life
  • The challenges of teenage life and the transition into young adulthood
  • Chronic pain management and authentically driven mindfulness
  • Marriage and the overall health of one’s family unit
  • General health, wellness and physical fitness

Sean is a graduate of Canada Christian College and holds a Master’s degree in Christian counselling specializing in Marriage and Family with a Bachelor’s degree in Pastoral care. He has taken additional training in forward-moving leadership models, health and nutrition, and crisis management training. Before his mental health care training, Sean was educated in the arts and sciences of osteopathy, massage therapy, shiatsu, contemporary medical acupuncture and natural nutrition. He is a member in good standing with the Association of Canada Christian Counsellors and is registered as an ordained pastor.

Initial Exploratory Phone Call
No Cost

$125 per 60 minutes session.