The first step to enhancing your life starts here!

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The first step to enhancing your life starts here!

To book an appointment please click the link!

Life Enhancement Counselling

Life enhancement counselling with Catherine invites a different way of being that brings more ease and appreciation into all aspects of daily living, including relationship with self and others, life and career transitions, and the navigation of day-to-day stressors. Through her calm and encouraging presence, she provides a safe and nurturing space that is honouring and empowering.

Catherine gently guides you in acknowledging and embracing all of who you are: your dreams, fears, doubts, struggles, strengths and gifts. With a greater awareness of how past influences are affecting your present life and how small shifts can change these patterns, it becomes easier to trust in yourself and honour your own knowing.

As this trust expands and you feel ever-stronger, your confidence increases and new doors can open. A deeper sense of your talents and capacities can emerge, leading to a feeling of joyousness and purpose. Life’s challenges are met with resilience and curiosity. Choices become clearer. Connections are strengthened. The celebration of living takes on new meaning. And dreams and potentials that you’ve never imagined possible can now become reality.

Career  Exploration and Counselling

Having extensive experience as a career facilitator, Catherine successfully guides individuals of varying ages in the discovery of your innate purpose and potential, and she helps you explore career fields that lead to joyful livelihood. Based on your experience and career focus, this may involve a totally new educational path and/or the transferral of current knowledge and skills into more fulfilling endeavours. 

She will lead you (either individually or in a group) through fun and enlightening self-assessments of personality, strengths, values, interests and skills that bring new insights and the self-assurance to follow your true calling.

Resumes, Cover Letters and Interview Prep

Once a clear work goal is established and you are ready to move forward, Catherine skillfully assists in the development of a high-impact resume and customized cover letters. In addition, she provides coaching on interview preparation, including ‘best practice’ responses to employer questions, formal in-person or virtual practice sessions, and constructive feedback for success in job interviews.

In a safe and nurturing space within the centre, Catherine offers a variety of workshops related to career exploration and personal growth. To learn more about these group sessions or to be placed on a registration list, please contact her directly at

Career Exploration and Self-Awareness

In addition to individual career counselling, workshops are offered to enhance the experience and to gain more insight into one’s true nature and calling. Through sharing of valuable feedback and ideas, participants build strong relationships and generate a wider circle of supportive connections.

Personal Growth

At different times of the year, group sessions are available in the areas of self-awareness, self-esteem, personality blueprints, soul work, and personal growth. Participant numbers are on the smaller side to provide a comfortable and supportive environment for sharing.

Individual sessions are 60-90 minutes in length, depending on the preferred type of service and modality. In an initial 20 minute exploratory call, Catherine will happily provide you with more detailed descriptions and assist in determining the service that would be most beneficial at this time.

Initial Exploratory Phone Call
no cost

Life Enhancement Counselling
$125 per 60 minute individual session

Career Exploration and Counselling
$125 per 60 minute individual session

Resume and Interview Preparation
$125 for initial / Total depends on services required

Group Workshops 
prices vary depending on focus and length

Receipts are available for extended health insurance benefits and/or medical tax deductions under social work services